We Thrive in the Community

Monica Evette DeLancy is an outstanding community stakeholder.

Fact: Over 73 percent of households are paying more than  50 percent of their income on rent. 
There are no apartments in the South Cobb area that are income based. A person earning  $1000 a month pays the same as a person earning $5000 a month

Fact: 1 in 4 people receive a housing subsidy

Fact: A household needs to earn at least $36000 a year to afford a 2 bedroom ($900 to $1000) a month, apartment in Georgia.
Fact: Corporate managed apartment complexes files evictions on tenants if rent is not paid by the 15th of each month

Fact: Cobb County magistrate court that handles eviction cases sees a caseload of 100 people on Fridays at 9am and at 1pm and the majority of defendants are African American Women

An eviction remains on a persons credit history even if they pay the rent before being 30 days late. Unlike most credit companies only report if you are over 30 days in arrears.

One study found that young adults who lived
in public or voucher-assisted housing as teenagers had higher earnings and lower rates of incarceration
than young adults from unassisted low income households. The study suggests that housing vouchers and public housing provide low income parents with greater financial resources to devote to their children’s development, which improves adult outcomes later in life.

Other research shows that children living in stable, affordable homes are more likely to thrive in school and have greater opportunities to learn inside and outside the classroom. Also, children  in low income households
that live in affordable housing score better on cognitive development tests than those in households with unaffordable rents. Researchers suggest that that is partly because parents with affordable housing can invest more in activities and materials that support their child development.

Furthermore, children that attend schools with hyper mobile students are most often affected  academically because time is devoted to reteaching.  

Over the last decade you have seen my work in the community advocating for our children , homeowners and renters. My involvement in community spans across district 4 as an active member of the GICH committee in Smyrna, Powder Springs Task Force, Austell Community Task Force, Cobb County Police Department Precinct 2 Discussion group, Cobb County Association of educators, and State of Our Schools committee. As the Executive director ( volunteer and founder) of We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association I have been instrumental in winning the 2017 Mableton Day community competition, 2018 securing a grant to support National Night event against crime event  and mobilizing renters to become leaders in the community as we witnessed the signing of House Bill 346 in 2019.  Also I have been awarded 19 awards in since my 12 years of residing  in Cobb County. 

The time is now to have someone with my real life experiences to be at the table. As a single mother of 2 residing in the Riverside Community I have put in countless hours in the community,  while at the same time navigating resources in order to make sure my family was able to thrive. This is not easy, being an engaged and involved parent, and managing a household budget on a single moderate income and being faced with everyday challenges of maintaining a home.  If I can do this and still be standing, I have earned your support and vote.

As the Cobb Commissioner for District 4 I will continue to advocate for
-More funding for housing subsidies
- routes to home ownership for moderate income households
-Increased collaboration and partnerships with schools
- Realistic plan that includes all demographics
promoting healthy and safe communities and
access to opportunities for all