Monica DeLancy moved to the south Cobb community in 2007 with her children age 7 and age 5. From Day one she became involved in the community in the schools, community and serving as a resident coordinator at the apartment complex where she resided. She formed We Thrive in Riverside Renters Association where renters organized community clean ups, attended town hall meetings and in 2019 was instrumental in passing House Bill 346 which protect renters from from being retaliated against for reporting maintenance issues. She also attends Cobb County Board of Education Meetings, Cobb County Board Of commission meetings and South Cobb Redevelopment Authority Meetings.

19 awards in 12 years residing in Cobb County

2010 Austell Comunity Taskforce volunteer of the year
 2011 Riverside Intermediate School parent volunteer
2012 Lindley 6th Grade parent volunteer
 2012 Georgia PTA lifetime achievement award

 2013 Boy Scouts community leadership award
2013 Georgia PTA urban community  leader award

2014 Cobb County Police Department commendation

2014 South Cobb Business Association Citizenship award
 2014 Creating Community nominee
 2014 Safe place Atl mother of the year
 2015 Georgia community coalition honoree
 2016 Cobb County proclamation 
2017 Mableton Day community spirit winner

2017 Neighbor works Metro Atlanta Resident Leader
 2018 community foundation grant winner
 2018 Cobb County NAACP MLK living the dream award
 2018 Cobb Collaborative humanitarian of year nominee
 2018 Keep Cobb Beautiful most improved community award
 2019 Cobb County Women’s Democratic  community advocate of the year

I have earned these awards while at same time raising my 2 children, advocating for renters and yes having my say in eviction court as well. It’s no secret that eviction courts are collection agencies for corporate landlords. I have gone to court many times  and I pay my rent and leave that court room going to meetings, advocating for renters, children and homeowners.